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Mrs. S. Mohambal
Mrs. S. Mohambal


"I am 68 years old, I presently stay in Bangalore with my son.
As I am above 65 years and wanted to complete Kailash Yatra, I tried both Bangalore based and Chennai based tour operators. Some of them did not accept as I do not come under age critieria. Some of them initially accepted my advance and application but denied to take me as the dollar rate went so high, and the attractive rates quoted by them, was not able to run the tour.
I lost one year in this (2012), so I asked my daughter who stays in Chennai to find a reliable tour operator who could make me darshan of Kailash Nath and should stand on their words and keep up their promise in rate. She found Nepal pilgrim Travel, Chennai and spoke to Geetha Mam, the lady in charge was so courteous and explained everything to my daughter.
My children were worried as they were sending me alone to a far destination. But the behavior and cost committed by Nepal Pilgrim Travel, Chennai was very much convincing. So we decided for taking this Yatra through them. From Chennai to Chennai the tour cost was per person Rs 85000/- including the train tickets.
Most importantly Nepal Pilgrim Travel, has promised that they will not charge more, or take additional charges even if the dollar rate goes up. Yes from train ticket booking, alloting me a lower birth, pickup from Gorakhpur, South Indian Veg Food, accommodation everything was taken care by their staffs. Not even a single minute, I was in tension or put up into stress.
From Kathmandu, even people like Mr. S.A. Chandrasekhar director, producer also joined us in Kailash group. Secondly, the passengers were treated equally NO degradation, NO partiality and NO indifference.
I thank Geetha madam who took special care of ladies who travel alone like me.
My long desiring Kailash Yatra was very successful and safe. I whole heartedly thank Nepal Pilgrim Travel and their entire staff for making my trip a memorable and safe".