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G. Sankara Narayanan
G. Sankara Narayanan. ME, MBA

Assistant Executive Engineer, PWD.

"I booked for Sitarama Mukthinath Yatra in March 2013.
This was the first trip of mine through an agency. At Allahabad railway station, I found the tour manager right on the platform waiting for us. And the bus allotted was very good. The crew were also careful in driving with minimum jerks & thereby giving maximum comfort to the elderly passengers on the entire trip.
The rooms provided at all places were neat, hygienic and lavish in most of the places. The tour was 100% punctual in covering the itinerary specially all the temples. Wow! As far as I have heard, this was a least thing to attain by any other tour agency. Thanks for your management strategy.
The visit to the most prestigious religious spots such Gajendra Moksha Sthalam in remote place, the amount of time and effort spared at such rare temples, the satisfaction in worships are beyond words for appreciation. Every religious place was visited by me with utmost satisfaction and peacefulness.
Regarding Mukthinath Darshan, I don’t know whether I might be granted another opportunity by the almighty to get Darshan of Shalagrama Murthi. But the darshan which I had in the tour was sufficient for many of my forecoming lives (if I have). The credit goes to Nepal Pilgrim Travels and their team. We had a relaxed itenary with maximum time to have a heart fulfilled sacred bath in 108 Gomukhi Theerthas @ Mukthinath, Darshan of the almighty Sri Shalagrama Murthyji as many times as we wish, till we got satisfied. I was able to sit in front of Bhagavan for almost 15 minutes and had pleasure of viewing the Mukthinathji adorned with my Vasthram.
Even though I got enrolled as single person, maximum effort was put forward to coordinate me with suitable co-passenger of same mindset. Thanks to the management of Ms. Deepa. The tour manager Mr. Sunil was much cordial in coordinating with the passengers. Also tour assistants were dedicated to their job. Nepal Pilgrim Travel agency proved as most suitable one for high society and decent citizens and people with extreme religious faiths. I hope to accompany in your tours in the future whenever I get an opportunity".