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According to Hindu Scriptures, significance of Sri Kailash-Manasarovar yatra is immense. Kailash is considered as abode of Lord Shiva & Godess Parvathi. The peak of Kailash is the most beautiful among all other peaks.

Rajatgiri Kailash which is 22028ft. above sea level is difficult to access. Pilgrims have to cross many mountain ranges to reach there. Easy way to reach Kailash is via Nepal.

Lord Brahma has created this lake through power of intent, so it is called Mansarovar it is divine it is situated 4485 mt. Above sea level and spread over 320 sq. km. Its circumference is about 86km and it is 90 mt. Deep in the (middle) central part.

MANASORAVAR IS THE BIRTH PLACE OF GODESS PARVATHI. King Imavan found her in Nilothpala pushpam in Sri Manasarovar Lake.

As per Shakthi Grantham, hands of Sati had fallen here. There fore, it is considered as one of the fifty one shaktipeeth. Here we can see Raj Hamsa which is a pure white swan in the lake.

Holy Mt. Kailash yatra and Sacred Lake Manasarovar 2011
According to the Hindu's Mythology, Lord Shiva spend his most of the time on the top of the holy Mount Kailash, practicing Yoga austerities, joy and love with his divine consort Parvati (Mother of Mythology). The Lake Mansarovar and the holy Mount Kailash are the SOUL of all AUM followers in the world.

"Conventional wisdom says a single circuit of Mt. Kailash wipes out the sins of a lifetime, 108 Parikramas guarantees enlightenment. A ritual bath in the sacred Mansarovar Lake will deliver a pilgrim to Brahma's paradise and a drop drink of its water relinquishes the sins of hundred lifetimes."

General Information:

ALTITUDE OF KAILASH:: Kailash peak (6714m) above the Sea level.
BASE CAMP: Darchen (4560m) above Sea level.
CLIMATE IN KAILASH: Unpredictable (Max 20 degree C to Min. -16 degree C).
BELIEFS: Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Ban-Po (all AUM followers).
BEST SEASON TO VISIT KAILASH:: Late April to Early November.
PARIKRAMA DISTANCE  OF  KAILASH: 52 Km. {three days} - 38 Km. only by walk
ALTTTUDE. OF MANSAROVAR LAKE (4550m) above Sea level.
PARIKRAMA OF MANSAROVAR:    102 Km. (one day by Land Cruiser).
KILOMETER FROM KTM TO KAILASH : 817 (one way) including 52 Km round of Kailash Parbat.
TOTAL JOURNEY PERIOD: From Nepal to Nepal is 14nights to 15 days days normally and changes as per program itineraries
CLOTHING: Heavy woollen and clothing meant for mountaineering.
KAILASH STANDARD TIME: Tibet is 2:00 hours ahead than Nepal's time.
CURRENCY IN KAILASH: The unit of currency is the Yuan. A dollar equivalent 6.5 Yuan approximately.
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